A detailed and personal service

The fully qualified equity release team at John Lamb has the specialist experience and expertise required for advising about equity release, and putting in place a plan that is right for you. Our professional and personal approach combines technical knowledge with an appreciation of the issues involved in this sensitive area of financial planning.

What can you expect when you contact us? In the first instance, we will arrange to meet so we can find out what you are looking to achieve and discuss your options. We then provide a written proposal of recommendations, which we discuss at another meeting. Typically, we involve other family members at this stage.

Making arrangements for retirement and passing on wealth has become more complicated over the past few years. Our skills across all areas of financial planning means we are well placed to integrate equity release within a comprehensive solution. This includes arranging the appropriate life insurance to cover the potential IHT liability on gifts made from equity release.

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A streamlined process

If you decide to go ahead, we manage the entire process, including dealing with valuers, lenders and anyone else involved. There are usually no fees involved until a proposal has been accepted, so you will not incur costs exploring this option.

After arranging an equity release facility, we provide an after-sales service to meet any additional needs. This may include drawing down any unused portion of capital, which we will arrange. On an ongoing basis, we answer any questions regarding the facility and property. We also help with the eventual sale and dealing with executors of the will, if required.

Integrated financial planning

As a firm of highly qualified independent financial advisers, we have the freedom to explore the entire market. We have excellent knowledge of the products available and work with lenders to find the most appropriate solutions. In addition, we have the expertise required for dealing with more complex cases, such as those where the property is a listed building.

Completing the circle of advice

There’s a lot to think about when arranging your finances for later life and deciding how to organise and structure your assets. You may find the topic of equity release arising in conversations with your lawyer or accountant when revising or drafting your will or discussing estate planning more generally.

John Lamb Hill Oldridge is a trusted partner of other professional advisers throughout the UK and many of our clients come to us through their recommendations. We’ll coordinate our approach as part of a trusted circle of advice, with the high standards of service and level of expertise you expect.

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